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LOOKS like a Slingshot, SHOOTS like a BOW!

SHIPPING: These are not mass produced. We make these locally in our machine shop and ship in the order we receive. Shipping is now 3-5 business days from date of order. Thank you. 

Hunter Package

hunter slingbow

As Shown: $189.99

Bowfisher Package

bowfisher slingbow

As Shown: $149.99

Magnum Bowfisher

magnum bowfisher

As Shown: $179.99

Beast Slingbow

beast slingbow

As Shown: $219.99

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Is it Legal?

We encourage you to check with your local authorities but as of now there is no classification for "slingbows" like ours. We meet ALL of the requirements of bow and we continue to bowhunt and bowfish with ours. If we ever come across a state that does not allow our slingbows we will let you know.

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